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Randell Allen is a nutritionist and personal trainer with twenty years of experience and is the creator of NutritionX. Randell's unique scientific approach to nutrition and exercise guarantees results.

Hiring a personal trainer alone may not be enough; hiring a nutritionist may not be enough. Most nutritionist may lack the understanding of the personal trainer. Most personal trainers lack the understanding of the nutritionist. NutritionX Los Angeles combines the best of both sciences in one simple program.

NutritionX is based on 3 dynamic factors:

1. Individual program design based on goals, motivation, and body type

2. Specific exercise training techniques based on scientific methods combining both aerobic and anaerobic fitness

3. Tracking of progress based on measurements, body composition testing, and nutrition and exercise journals

Health and Fitness

Randell’s approach to personal training and nutrition requires maximum dedication to what he calls, ‘the fitness lifestyle.” A lifestyle absolutely committed to cultivating healthy nutrition and exercise habits.

There is absolutely no guesswork. NutritionX  gives you absolutely what you have to do to reach your goals, and changes your routine as your body adapts.

According to the surgeon general, approximately 70% of the individuals living in the United States are inactive. Of the 30% that are active, Randell believes that very few combine the right nutrition and exercise program to achieve consistent results, largely due to lack of education.

NutritionX Los Angeles was created to reach the individuals, which are dedicated to reaching their goals, but are lacking the exact approach to get there.

If you are interested working with a nutritionist/personal trainer, and live in the Los Angeles area, please fill out the contact form and a representative will contact you in 48 to 72 hours to set up a FREE consultation.

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