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by Randell Allen on May 17, 2011

The Ultimate Natural Fat Burner

Everyone is looking for a natural fat burner. I get asked everyday: “Is there a food or supplement to help me lose weight faster.” The truth is we produce hormones on daily bases that are our most potent natural fat burners.

The catch is we have to work to get our body to produce these hormones in the amounts that will help us see a difference in reducing our waistline.

The key to unlocking your natural fat burning hormones is stress. That’s right stress!
The same “type” of stress experienced running late for a job interview is the key to your long-term weight loss.

Here’s how it works. In response to intense exercise training, for example, heavy weight lifting, high intensity running, or sprinting our bodies produce hormones, which help us burn fat.


The catecholamine epinephrine, otherwise known as, adrenaline is a potent natural fat burner.

Adrenaline mobilizes fat from fat stores and facilitates an increase fat usage during exercise. Adrenaline is sometimes called a “fight or flight” hormone, because our bodies produced more adrenaline in response to stressful mental or physical conditions.

In the case of running late for a job interview, fat may be mobilized but then re-esterified, or stored again as fat. With intense exercise our muscles utilize the increased fat mobilized for energy by adrenaline.

Adrenaline also increases thermogenesis (heat energy), which elevates your metabolism and facilitates weight loss.


GH (growth hormone) is secreted by the pituitary gland and made up of 190 amino acids. The hormone is produced all through our youth, but peaks in adolescence. By our mid twenties GH begins to decline. One reason we may tend to put on weight after the age of 25.

Synthetic growth hormone is what some of the major league baseball players were illegally taking to help give them a competitive edge. There are also reports that many of the Hollywood elite use synthetic growth hormone to keep youthful looking skin (GH helps produce collagen) and their waistline slim.

Growth hormone:

  • Increases fat mobilization
  • Increases protein synthesis (muscle mass)
  • Helps produce collagen
  • Reduces insulin activity (too much insulin activity can halt fat loss
  • Growth hormone is secreted in response to physical stress, for example, lack of sleep

Here is how you can use your training protocol to produce growth hormone naturally.

Intensity is key. Similar to the adrenaline response, the “stress” from your exercise training must be adequate enough to stimulate growth hormone.

Multiple sets with weights, which allow you to lift only 5-10 repetitions with rest periods under a minute, tend to produce the most growth hormone. This means at the 5th or 10th repetition you must be unable to do another repetition.


Testosterone is produce by the male testes and female ovaries, although small amounts are secreted by the adrenals.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid in men. Males produce 40 to 60 times more testosterone than females. The hormone is the reason why men carry more muscle mass than women.

Here is what is important to remember about testosterone:

Tends to decline with age

• Like growth hormone, synthetic testosterone has sometimes abused in professional sports to facilitate increase in strength and muscle mass

• The hormone plays a major role in overall health, including helping to preventing osteoporosis in men

• Like adrenaline and growth hormone testosterone responds to the stress of intense exercise

• Increases in testosterone facilitate muscle maintenance and growth. Muscle maintenance is the key to a high metabolism and fat burning.

The same intensity protocol applies for increasing levels of natural testosterone, as for adrenaline and growth hormone. Using weights allowing for 5-10 repetitions with limited rest periods of 1 minute or less raise testosterone levels.

Don’t worry intense training does not appear to raise testosterone levels the same for women. Do not be concerned about testosterone causing excess muscle gain, if you are female.


You can produce the natural burning hormones not only by weight training, but also any exercise that places adequate stress on your body to increase muscle breakdown and remodeling (sore and tired muscles).

Remember; exercise, such as, sprints or high intensity aerobics may produce similar results, so incorporate aerobics, sprinting, and weight training for best results.

Too much physical and mental stress can lead to exhaustion. You can look at exercise as a type of “controlled stress.” With proper exercise training, proper nutrition, and proper rest (recovery), you can promote health and turn your body into a fat burning machine.


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