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As an athlete it is important to know your lean mass to body fat ratio. The next logical question: what body type will give you the optimal edge for your sport?

If you are in high school, college, or professional athlete what is the average lean mass to body fat ratio of the top athletes at your position?

Obtaining and optimal lean mass to body fat ratio can make all the difference when moving your game to the next level. Bigger, stronger, leaner, faster and more explosive athletes usually have the competitive edge.

You only have so much time to work on these attributes during the off-season. If you do not have a proven system to get the results  and track your progress efficiently, you run the risk of not reaching your body composition goals, compromising your athletic  performance, and may increase your chance for injury.

NutritionX can not only help you obtain the body lean mass to body fat ratio most optimal for your sport but also set up personal training programs to maximize: speed, agility, power, strength, and flexibility.

NutritionX is the premiere Sports nutrition program in Los Angeles providing a scientific approach designed to give you an edge on the field, court, or hardwood.

Please, contact us directly to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your goal.

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