Before I was eating all wrong, I worked out with trainers for years without seeing much results. I met Randell and he customized my eating and workouts, and I am over 20 pounds lighter. I am not always perfect, but feel much more knowledgeable about how working out and nutrition work together.
— John G

I swore I could not change my eating habits. I called Randell and began working out without seeing much result. Randell kept speaking about the importance of nutrition, and I finally gave in. Over 25 pounds later, I am glad that I did. It’s difficult, but I am much better off for participating in NutritionX.
— Rebecca Estrada

I signed up and did an initial appointment with Randell two years before seeking his services on a weekly base. I started training just to mix up my workouts. After hearing about nutrition, I began the program to gain muscle. I have gained close to 10 pounds of muscle in just a couple of months and I am happy with the results.

Alan Meire

Randell has changed - continues to change my perception of strengthening and toning my body. I am someone who has worked out her whole life and didn't think I had anything to learn. I was TOTALLY WRONG!!! The second I started with him, I realized I was in for a life changing experience. He's also a kind and very funny man.

Peggy D.

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